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Savita Snacks and Poli Bhaji Kendra Ambernath

Updated: Aug 8

Ambernath best Moong bhaji,kothimbir vadi and vada pav can be tasted at Savita snacks and poli bhaji Kendra,Ambernath. It is on one of the best vada pav near me so I am regular at this place.I have visited a lot of places and eaten a lot of vada pavs(one of the most famous mumbai street Food) and such other yummy and tasty dishes but if I ever feel like eating moong bhaji or a kothimbir vadi a mahrashtrian cuisine delicacy then I feel one of the best I have eaten has to be at this place.

Some might argue that it is just like any other moong bhaji and nothing praiseworthy in it but I differ at this point with those who point this out to me.Let's take the example of Mug bhaji at this snacks corner.

1.It is made on the spot in front of you whenever you ask for it ,that helps in keeping the moong bhaji free of getting over fried.

2.Ambernath Best Moong Bhaji is available at Savita snacks and Poli bhaji kendra, Ambernath due to these reasons It doesn't feel at all hard to chew that is it absolutely melts in your mouth, I have eaten moong bhajis at some other places but I have never found it as soft and crispy and tasty as the one which this place provides.

3.similarly kothimbir vadi is also very tasty and crispy at Savita snacks and poli bhaji kendra,The first time I tasted it at I was simply blown over by the crispiness of that and it tasted awesome,I had to repeat the dish as my wife was equally blown over by the taste resulting in the kothimbir vadi getting vanished in no time :-)

4.Many people like vada pav here a lot but since I have tasted a lot of them now I am not that excited at the vada pav available here.

5.Hygiene of is up to the mark and till today I have found no complaints.

6.This place is also a poli bhaji kendra and snacks corner so very soft chapatis are also available here and bhajji (cooked vegetable dish for lunch and dinner) is also available.

If you ever feel like tasting one of Ambernath best moong bhaji definitely try Savita snacks and poli bhaji kendra.

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