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Nilkanth Misal Pav near Badlapur Station

Updated: Aug 8

Nilkanth Misal Pav near Badlapur station is one of the oldest misal pav houses in Badlapur. One of my closest friends stays at Badlapur and I remember I had gone with him to Nilkanth Misal pav centre at least 10 years ago or more.

Address :- C-13, Kartik Complex, Above Navratna Palace Hotel, Near Over Bridge, Badlapur East, Badlapur, Maharashtra 421503

It is very close to the station and even one can hear the horn of the train as it comes close to the station,I am making it clear here as my reader should not find it difficult to locate it,in case he or she plans to have some spicy and tasty misal.

Parking :- There is ample space in front of the misal centre but being so close to railway station one can’t expect to park vehicle especially during rush hours.

Best at Nilkanth Misal Pav near Badlapur station

Nilkanth misal is extremely famous for spicy misal and also for misal with a maharashtrian speciality which tastes extremely awesome known as “Bhakri”.

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