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Food Festival Mumbai

Updated: Aug 8

Food Festival Mumbai is one of the best and is not only full of flavors but also has a lot of colors. At the end of 2019 had gone to one such festival and was absolutely blown over. Me and my friends just couldn't stop eating.

At the start we had this very tasty big sweet puran poli which is a specialty of Maharashtra.The puran poli tastes awesome.I had tasted it for the first time and would love to taste it again and again.The people who were making puran poli were kind enough and showed the whole process of making it on my marathi food vlog channel KHAPITU-The Foodie on Youtube. If you are non marathi kindly make use of the English subtitles in the video.

Once we had our fill of this big sweet Puran poli then it was time to check out the other tasty dishes.

My friends are big fan of chaat and pani puri so we made our way towards the stall of pani puri.The ingredients which were put in the pani puri were totally made from organic products so that was kind of unique.It tasted good.Just couldn't wait to have more in Food Festival Mumbai.

We were accompanied by my son and you know how kids love sweets, so he insisted on having waffle and I am also a big fan of sweets,so I readily agreed.

Now since we had puran poli and waffle it felt very sweet over all ,We also saw one other specialty of chicken before making our way towards a stall which had one of my favorites and also one of Maharashtra’s specialty tambda pandhra rassa.

Tambda pandhra rassa is a specialty of Kolhapur and it is relished here in Mumbai whenever one gets a chance by all those who love it.

one of my friends was vegetarian so he waited till me and my other friend had that awesome tambda pandhra rassa. If you ever visit Mumbai and are Non Vegetarian then you should definitely try it.

I am looking forward to the Food festival mumbai again next time and hopefully shall have the above mentioned and many more such dishes again at the end of this year.

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