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Deepak Snacks Corner Dombivli

Updated: Aug 8

Upvasache padartha the best I have tasted are at Deepak Snacks corner Dombivli. This business was started in 1966 is what I was told. India is a country full of festivals and preceding to many festivals fasting is followed,some delicacies are specially prepared in fasting and that is called as Upvasche Padartha in marathi. Upvas meaning Fast in marathi and Padartha means the dishes so Upvasache Padartha means the delicacies prepared during fasting.

I have visited a lot of places but if you are fasting and want to have some awesome dishes you should definitely visit this place.

Address:Deepak Snacks corner,Near corporation Bank,Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road,Dombivali (east)

Parking: This place is very close to the station so parking might be an issue here but if you have two wheeler then no issues i feel,yet check before parking your vehicle.

Ambience: The place has an comfortable sitting arrangement on its first floor,so even family shall also find it comfortably easy to have a seat.

Upvasache Padartha awesome at Deepak Snacks Corner Dombivli :

1. Sabudana Khichdi: Sabudana khichdi is made by soaking sabudana over night and then sabudana khichdi is made by adding potato,ghee,crushed ground nuts and such other ingredients.

The Sabudana khichdi here was very yummy and delicious,I had not seen so many upvasache padartha in any restaurant in Thane District,it was first time I had come across one.

2. Sabudana Vada: Sabudana Vada is another one such dish which is liked by many and is generally very crispy,here too Sabudana vada was very crispy and was very yummy.

3.Upvasachi misal and Upvasache thalipeeth: Upvasachi misal and Upvasache Thalipeeth were also something which I shall look forward to whenever I go to Dombivli again.

Along with this there were also famous Mumbai street foods like vada pav and many other products including regular Misal.

Prices: The place seems very affordable and has a lot of choices in upvasache padartha and

even other snacks item like vada pav,misal,bhaji.Even piyush and other cool drinks are also available at affordable prices(no no this is not a paid review :-) ),they even have other yummy items like pani puri and others during evenings I was told.

Since these are regular at most of the places the main factor which differentiates Deepak Snack corner,Dombivli is that it has best of upvasache padartha in Dombivli which are very rarely found in such a variety at one place.

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